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Web Analytics Service - Site Traffic Measurement

Web analytics throws light on the behavior of visitors of the website. With the help of experienced web analysts at Digital Marketers, site owners have a privilege to know the keywords used to enter your website, geographic location of visitors, time spent by visitor and much more!

We offer an in-depth analysis of web traffic of your website. Our statistics reports will precisely help you to know about the pros and cons of your website.

How will you measure success?

Our metrics successfully give answers to the statistical questions below:

  • How do people get to your site?
  • Which are the most and least visited pages of your site?
  • How users leave the site?
  • How many pages viewed by visitor? (Page Views Per Visitor)
  • Why your homepage bounce rate so high?

Measure success of your website now. Contact us for a free website report!

What makes our customized report even more creditable is the fact that it contains analysis in simple language with minimum jargons.

We provide comprehensive website and traffic analysis for the purpose of optimizing web visibility and to increase conversion rates with more targeted traffic. Our metrics helps to drive decision-making and to display unique selling proposition (USP) through out the website.

Request a free quote now and get to know about our services!