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Search Engine Marketing companies often offer #1 position in search engines. The guarantees offered by them are subject to certain terms and conditions. Few companies offer them for keywords that are not the targeted ones. There are other companies, which give false promises of getting that top position.

However, no legitimate company can guarantee that #1 position. Digital Marketers do not give any false promises for guarantee on:

  • Particular position in Search Engines
  • Exact duration to fully optimize a website
  • Instant link popularity
  • Optimization guarantee for all keywords
  • Permanent search engine positions
  • Stability in rankings
  • Google Page Rank

These aspects are subject to guidelines of search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing or any other search engines.

As an SEO Company, Digital Marketers

  • do not claim 100% guaranteed results, unless on a huge budget and you'll only pay for other paid services, not SEO

  • warns you of slow, even sluggish (if on a new site) results

  • focuses more on sales increase, not visitors, pageviews or even search engine hits (a very useless metric, indeed, as it includes search engine crawlers)

  • will recommend changes with respect to web design and development, copywriting, usability, accessibility and the overall marketing strategy

  • can and tries to explain everything in simple terms - sometimes too simple and generic, though

  • will always oversee the overall marketing strategy and integrate other marketing efforts into SEO and vice versa

Digital Marketers is among those legitimate companies with focus on ethical and professional standards that offers 100% guarantee for:

  • Quality of service
  • Better web traffic
  • Increase in number of new visits
  • Increase number of visits from search engines, referral sites etc.
  • Crawlers will crawl the site more easily
  • Navigation will be easier
  • Get ahead of most of the competitors