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FAQs on Search Marketing Ė Free and Paid Search

Why are search engines important?

85% of all website traffic is driven by search engines. 79.2% of US users don't go to page 2 of search results. 42% of users click on the no.1 result. For the under-40 age group, the Internet will become the most used media in the next 2-3 years.

How can search engine optimization impact business?

The goal of effective search engine optimization is not just adding traffic - it's about growing your online business by reaching qualified consumers of your products and services. With 1 billion people using the Internet and using search engines, the potential online audience is so large for businesses that a strategic and sustainable approach to capturing that market is vital.

Our company is already the best and the leading expert in our industry.

How can SEO and a search engine marketing campaign improve our position in the search engines?

Search engines are mostly "brand-unaware", which means they have no idea and frankly donít care how big your company actually is or if it is in fact a leader in its own field. The only way search engines will actually discover your web site and thus position it well in the SERPís (Search Engine Results Pages) is achieved through SEO and search engine marketing efforts.

If someone disagrees with this, just analyze how many small businesses achieve top rankings in powerful engines such as Google, while their worldwide corporate competitors are nowhere to be seen, even if you go back to number 50 in the results. In such cases, all these small businesses directly engaged in a serious SEO program, while their big brand competitors relied strictly on their offline branding and brand-awareness or recognition for their online results.

What should I look for when choosing an SEO Company?

The ideal company is one that understands the dynamics of marketing, business, and technology - and employs the highest levels of integrity in their work. There are a number of unethical practices or shortcuts that can be used in search engine optimization, but the search engines themselves often times will not accept these questionable or "tricky" practices. You should choose a company that doesn't utilize any of these practices to achieve short-term results for its clients. You should also expect to benefit from the research expertise, customized approached, management expertise, and on-going consultative process from a SEO firm.

How long will the search engine optimization process take?

Once you have sent your approved targeted keywords, it will take between 2-6 weeks to complete the page creation and usually around 5-8 weeks for changes to reflect (or initial positioning to be gained) in Google due to the search engine optimization. However, there is no guarantee in getting specific placements in Google.

What else do I need to know about the search engine optimization process?

Digital Marketers only work with or develop sites that adhere to the Google guidelines for website design. We don't work with companies that already employ unethical Search Engine Optimization methods and wish to continue with those unprofessional ways of optimization. We do our best to support you and your website in gaining the best position possible.

Can you guarantee a #1 position on the search engines?

Nobody can guarantee a number #1 position or specific ranking for your site for a given keyword phrase. There are simply too many factors beyond anyone's control - the search engines changing their ranking algorithms, efforts made by competitors, and new sites being added to the Web, just to name a few.

Obtaining a specific ranking is like managing a stock portfolio. Your financial advisor will do their best to monitor the stock market and other indicators and to make sure your portfolio is managed to the best of their abilities. However, your advisor cannot guarantee that your portfolio will be at a specific dollar value or even that the amount will be up at all by a given date.

Is this service expensive?

SEO is a highly specialized craft requiring much research, forethought, skill and can be extremely time-consuming to implement correctly. However, compared to offline and print advertising, search engine marketing is quite cheap. The cost of having your website optimized is by far the best advertising dollars spent and the return on your investment (ROI) can be very great.

What is Ethical SEO? (Aka: "White Hat SEO")

Ethical search engine optimization, in short:, is to follow guidelines and accepted standards to search engine optimize a web site. Which means we don't use any tricks or cheats that are sometime employed by "Black hat" practitioners. The end result of Ethical or "White Hat SEO" is often stronger positioning that is much long lasting, and can withstand frequent changes made to algorithms.

Black Hat strategies can result in being penalized, or even permanently banned by some major search engines and directories. White Hat Optimization is the only way to go without taking the risk of having your site banned.

Do you follow White Hat SEO?

Digital Marketers follows only white hat methods for SEO. We are concerned about the long term reputation of ourselves and the clients whom we deal with. There is no room for black hat, unethical or unprofessional techniques at Digital Marketers