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Competitive Analysis

Competitive Research helps to understand the competitorís strategy, tactics, level of success etc. This is crucial for the success of SEO initiatives.

When SEOs refer competitor, it is not the traditional competitor in business whom they refer to. In the context of SEO, Competitors are simply the online competitors who occupy the top results in search engines.

If you are not providing an innovative new product or offering a niche service, you will have competitors on the web who are ahead of you in search results or in online visibility. It becomes more difficult if you are fresh entrant into the market space for products or service, which are offered by many companies.

It is always the endeavor of Digital Marketers to provide you with innovative techniques to analyze the competition and suggest remedial measures to outperform your competitors.

Are you convinced of the importance of competition research? If yes, contact us to know what we can offer.

Digital Marketers helps you to know your position online and strategize to take you ahead of your online competitors where they might be in hundreds or thousands. Even though we understand that drawing market attention is an uphill task, our competition research experts will take you to a much better position.

Competition Analysis of Digital Marketers will measure competitor website for:

  • Credibility of link structure
  • Optimization of web links
  • Organic and paid keywords used
  • Style of title tag and heading tags usage
  • Search engine friendly navigation structure
  • Speed of the page and server
  • Use of images, flash and JavaScript
  • Readability level of web Page
  • Search engine compatibility
  • Pattern of keywords in text links
  • Occurrence of spam anywhere in the site

After analyzing the competition, we will find out their shortcomings and help you to make them your strengths.

Digital Marketers helps you in identifying the best possible ways to get you ahead of the competitors after analyzing the competition. We work with our clients to enable success by improving their business.

Let us work together towards achieving this. contact us right away